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Old snowstruck

Old snowstruck

Looking for the main 4 snowsrucks? Snowstruck Destruction Toy Snowstruck Phantom Snowstruck Nightmare Snowstruck (nightstruck) Withered snowstruck (nicknamed Witherstruck) Is an old version of Snowstruck Destruction


Witherstruck was made when the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was being made. The employees wanted to make her an Alaskan husky, but they though a Siberian husky would be prettier. Witherstruck comes after the nightguard starting at night 3. She kills the nightguard by biting the nightguard's head.


Witherstruck is a brown husky with one leg, 2 arms and no head.


  • Withersturck is the second version of Snwstruck to kill the nightguard. The first being Nightmare Snowstruck (nightstruck)
  • Witherstruck's jumpscre is simalar to Mangle's

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