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If your looking for the 1.0 version, click the link here: Golden Toy Foxy. Also, if your looking for his box, see Boxy 2.0.


After the 1.0 animatronics got scrapped, Fazbear Entertainment decided to create a new GTF. So, they created Jack the Fox-in-the-birthday-box, a Jack-in-Box type animatronic. However, kids started grabbing it to stop it from going back in, making him into a disrepair. But, the company didn't get rid of it because children loved it's "battle scars". Later at night, a man in purple kidnapped a kid and shoved him inside, making it have the kid named Eric's persona: bragging, dim-witted, and snobby rich kid with the ego the size of the sun. Thus, creating Withered Jack 2.0.


  • Active Nights: 1, 2, 3, Custom Night.
  • Goes through: Present Room (Starting place) to West Hall, to Office.
  • Weaknesses: Freddy Mask, Doors, Lights (makes him scamper off).
  • AI: 7 (N1), 4 (N2).
  • Sounds: *footsteps*, Yarr!
  • Jumpscare: Hops your on lap and claws at your face.

More stuff

  • Speed: Slow but steady.
  • Plushie: A recolored foxy doll with rosy cheeks and bottom half his of body is missing.
  • Role: Same as his counterpart, but lead flute player.
  • Allies: Toy series, Puppet, Shadow Bonnie, The Annihilation, (put your character here)
  • Enemies: 1.O series, Springtrap, Holly the Fox, (put your character here).

Phone Call

Hello? Hel-looo? Oh! Hi! Welcome to your...lemme check...ah, 2nd Night! Well, Bonnie must've not been too much of a bother! Well, now you have ol' Withered Jack to worry about. Just, y'know don't let him in! *static* *Freddy: Huh? Is this still on? Uh-oh! It is! Good bye!*

Deathminigame: "Those Fuzzy Memories"

Basically, you play as WJ and lead kids to a back room, where the purple man brutally murders them as WJ looks at the scene while smiling. Your then jumpscared by Freddy.

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