Workweek at Bill's is a fan game by Magical Mastery Incorporated, Pranksterina Games, ROBLOX Corporation, and Scott Games. It takes place in a restaurant called Crazy Sushi. It features mainly humanoid animatronics, with the exception of two.



Custom night wwab

Custom Night, featuring all of the animatronics. I would anyway put the animatronics pictures in a gallery.

Bill is very smart, and does not move for the first two nights, because he is trying to figure out how much of a hardcore gamer you are, hence his nickname "Technical Helper". Starter room is Show Stage. Tries to enter the left door.


Jenjen is a bossy user who quickly wants to get to you. She will rush to you a few times a night, kind of like Foxy. Starter room is Show Stage. She tries to enter the left door


His movement is pretty stiff, since he is connected to a base so he could move during his shows, since in his appearances before an animatronic in his game, he hovered. He just moved three rooms, which all have holes in them (Show Stage, Hall, and if he succeeds, office). Starter room is Show Stage. He tries to enter the left door.

D Lappy

He is the bartender, giving customers something to drink if they are tired. He tries to enter the right door.


He is a withered, who has a virus. He does not directly attack the player. Instead, he tries to reach a boiler room, and attacks it. After that, it gets very cold, and lots of power is drained. You can prevent him from reaching the boiler room in the kitchen with a button in the office. That button only stays closed for 30 seconds though. Not active until Night 3.

Golden Bill

He is a clone of Golden Freddy from Both FNAF 1 and 2. If the Backstage Poster changes to a picture of Golden Bill, he will appear. He will fade away. If the player doesn't quickly open the cameras, he will jumpscare the player.


A lucky cat animatronic. Until night 4, she becomes sentient, and will try to reach the right door. Her starting position is the left of the doors.


  • Toy Jenjen from the sequel is on the title screen.
  • If Jenjen is running to the door but D Lappy is in the right door, and Jenjen makes it in, Bill's jumpscare will play instead.
  • Night 6 and Custom Night are unlocked from the start of the game.
  • On the PC Port, there is a trailer for the game that you are currently playing in the Extras mode, unlocked after beating Custom night on all the modes.

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