WotG is the Animatronic embodiment of Waluigiofthegods.


Five Nights at Freddy's

WotG starts in the Secret Room, therefore, you have to wait until he escapes in order to see him. He will then pass through Restrooms, and then Dining Area. At this point, WotG will run through ether West Hall or East Hall, the hall he takes is random.

After running, the player has to ether close the left or right door before he gets in. If the player sucessfully closes one of the doors, he will restart the cycle.

WotG's jumpscare is him walking up to the player.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

WotG starts in Kid's Cove and then passes through Game Area, Main Hall, Hallway, Party Room 1 and then the Left Air Vent before getting into the office.

When he gets in the office, the player has to constantly flash the air vent light at him. When the flash the light enough, he will be seen running back into the Hallway, restarting the cycle.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

See Phantom WotG.


Waluigiofthegods was playing Scratch games and then thought of an Animatronic embodiment of himself. So, Waluigiofthegods decided to create the OC in the future.


  • "I'm sorry that you ran out of power, but TOO BAD! Waluigi time!" Heard when WotG's face appears during the power outage.
  • "*Humming the Toreador March*" Heard randomly in the first and second game.
  • "Waluigi time!" Heard in his jumpscare.



  • Toy Freddy - WotG is good friends with Toy Freddy. It's because of his appearance and his jumpscare. WotG said he would allow Toy Freddy to be in his arcade.
  • Springtrap - He is good friends with Springtrap too. As he was one of the first Animatronics along with him and Fredbear.
  • BB - There's not much of a reason with his relationship, but it might be because he was so funny.


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Coming soon.

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