Years later..........After xenon died xenon's DNA was used to create a clone and used Simon's DNA as well.They decided that it was going to be used instead as a regular animatronic but a cybernetic hunter.The creation was going to be used as defense system.It will hunt down its enemys and terminate them.The creator decided to be bio mechanical and has many different weapons.What the creators didn't know however is that they also cloned xenon's soul as well.Soon the soul clone took over a body yet again killing Every one it saw including the creators...........Now its a rouge animatronic that is more Psychotic and dangerous.


Xenon X.0 has black fur that sleek and shinny.He also has these tatoos all over his upper body and has blue eyes.His claws are also blue.He has small ears and has a symbiotic-like clothing.


He can be psychotic and dangerous as well a wild.But he is also smart.He can hunt much better than Xenon the Cat.He is fast and can use his advanced technology as a way to hunt you down.When he does kill you he likes to use your body parts a trophies.Just like xenon he is nice and friendly.He also loves Stiletto the Cat.