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Yang and Yin kept peace in the pizzeria but you can't avoid conflict


A completely white cat with blue eyes, it has a white shirt with black polka-dots, he wears a white scarf with red stains on it.


Positive, happy, insane, competitive, loud, Yang is a very social and likeable animatronic, he doesn't hate anyone, he is a video game, manga and comic book fanatic, he is very sadistic and one of his favourite pass times is killing guards, he does dislike certain animatronic and will attack when seriously angered or if someone hurts his sibling, he can be very protective


Jane and James, twin brother and sister they watched Yin and Yang all the time together, they taught them about peace, and wars going on in other countries, and meditation, until the day when they met the purple man, he killed them and stuffed them into the only suits that didn't have children in them Yin and Yang.


Yang is very active from night 2 - 6 (or 7 depending on his ai) he follows a strict patter of, Kid's Cove -> Game Area -> Main Hall -> Hall -> Office.


Toy Freddy

Yang thinks that TF is strange and a bit fat, and he makes sure that TF knows, yeah he doesn't like him very much.

Toy Bonnie

Yang enjoys TB's company, even though TB doesn't want to go near him.

Toy Chica

Yang makes fun of her, saying she an anorexic chicken and laughing at her, this usually results with TC smacking him, he always apologizes after that.


Like Yin he likes Mangle and Mangle likes him, it's most likely because they are both in kids cove.


Like TC he says that the puppet is anorexic there not too good of friends

Balloon Boy

He like playing video games with BB and usually beats him.


  • You can see him and Yin playing video games in game area
  • The animatronics are twins like the kids inside of them
  • There genders are unknown but Yang says he's male and Yin says she's female most likely cause the children stuffed into them were a girl and a boy