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Note: This is a screenplay. Italics in parentheses means stage direction.

(The screen slowly fades in to reveal a dimly-lit stage in what appears to be a diner. Paper-cut out star decorations can be seen on the stage, while tables and chairs are slightly visible. The camera proceeds to zoom-in on a silhouette of a large bunny. Then, a spotlight suddenly appears and illuminates the animatronic bunny, revealing Springtrap.)

SPRINGTRAP: Freddy my child...

(The camera slowly pans into the rightmost section of the stage, revealing the silhouette of a large bear with a visible hat. The camera zooms in on the silhouette, and then a spotlight suddenly appears and illuminates the animatronic bear, revealing Golden Freddy.)


(The shot of Golden Freddy fades out, and fades in on a zoomed in shot of Springtrap.)

SPRINGTRAP: It's pretty boring on this stage..

(The shot of Springtrap fades out to reveal a montage of Springtrap and Golden Freddy on the stage in the daytime, dancing and singing, entertaining the children below. After this montage, we return back to the stage, this time, zoomed-out and revealing both Golden Freddy and Springtrap.)

GOLDEN FREDDY: Yes, I agree.

(The shot of Golden Freddy slowly fades out, revealing a zoomed in shot of Springtrap, eyes closed, with his finger touching his head, thinking.)

SPRINGTRAP: I have the perfect idea. I am going to have a night where the security guard has to avoid being brutally murdered by me.

(The shot zooms out, and reveals Golden Freddy, mouth wide open, eyes wide open, excited.)


(The shot pans out to Springtrap, laughing.)

SPRINGTRAP: I'll think about it.

(The spotlight on the two animatronic characters slowly dim out. The shot dims in, revealing a montage of Springtrap on the security cameras having the time of his life attempting to murder the secuity guard. We can see the guard in a panic as he attempts to lure Springtrap away from his office. The shot dims out, and dims back in to reveal an angered Golden Freddy, with tears in his eyes.)

GOLDEN FREDDY: Damn you Springtrap! You didn't invite me to your night of fun! I am going to yiff you!

(Golden Freddy begins marching towards Springtrap, stomping as he goes along. He eventually reaches Springtrap, and yells:)

GOLDEN FREDDY: I hate you! Die!

SPRINGTRAP: Fine. My child, I didn't want to do this, but fine.

(The shot quickly dims out. We can her tables, pots, and glass shattering, various tearing noises, and multiple animatronic screeches. The shot slowly pans into a slighty damaged, smiling Springtrap.)

SPRINGTRAP: How's that?

(Golden Freddy screeches. Springtrap laughs and leaves Golden Freddy and the floor. As Springtrap leaves, Golden Freddy says:)

GOLDEN FREDDY: Damn you! You always ruin Fredbears Family Diner for me!

(The curtain ends the play.)

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