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Ylviere Sylvon Kingsland is a manga/hentai writer that currently resides in Sancterium City in the Cutting Kingdom. She appears with long, brown hair, green eyes, and solid grey clothing, and is set to briefly appear in Cutting Crew: Legacy.


Ylviere had a pretty simple! good life life, and when she had her first daughter, Rosette Kingsland, she was happily married with her husband, Jason. The two raised Rosette happily, but an accident happened and Lindsay was convinced: Every seemed to go well...At first.

What the couple didn't realize was a prophecy of The Manifestation, stating a girl with blood locks and a lust for flesh would end the Manifestian reign. Fearing that this child, with solid red dyed hair, was the girl, they cursed the father to abuse the children and wife until they committed suicide.

It didn't work however, but they were miserable and had to raise Amity in secrecy from her father once born. Eventually, the events of Lindsay meeting The Chef would let Mad Jack burn down their house, killing Jason and leaving the daughters scattered. Ylviere was devasted, so she moved with a brother of her's in New York.

While there, she became a manga\hentai writer, basing her writings off Lindsay's failed relationships. But she couldn't stand the thought of her daughter's dead, so she was going to kill herself before Amity and Rosette stopped her. After this, Ylviere went through therapy with her daughters and eventually moved in with Amity in her estate.


Like mother, like daughter: She seems to be a mix of all three of her daughters personas of smart, brave, and lustful. Very entergetic and sweet, it was hard to believe she could ever be sad.


  • Tinsay, Cuco, and Lucile- Though never saying it front of her daughters, Lindsay was always her favorite, so she loves the fact she has three granddaughters that are just like her. She is a little suspicious of the fact there's three of them, though.
  • The Manifestation-Even before knowing about the curse on Jason, she's hated them for transporting Lindsay away from her homeworld. She gets teary-eyed from the mention of their name.



  • Inspired off a mother from another TV Show, Aki Hinata, from an anime named Sgt Frog. Both of the mothers are writers, both have glasses, and both are generally the same personality wise.
  • She used to have a pet bunny, though during Jason's curse, she was forced to eat it. This was hinted at in a RP.
  • A general joke throughout RPs about her is her obsession with a scenario for the "sexiest manga ever": "A girl, with 250 pounds of dynamite strapped to her chest, making out with a guy on fire with tentacles.".

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