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Yolo The Skydiver is a hidden animatronic found in any of the FNAFs. You can see him out of any windows.


He stars in the air. You can hear a loud YOLOOO! and then hear a crash. He has 409,645 broken legs and 523,453 parachutes stuck to his head. His face is on his stomach because of surgery that he had to have once he broke his 398,964th leg.


He is a risk taker. He hates everything except jumping off heights and failing to open his parachute and breaking his leg.


Yolo hated heights. He was so mad he wanted to kill heights. So he jumped off a cliff and swung the air with his sword. He died. He then was stuffed into a suit and found out heights didn't kill him. He then found great joy in jumping off cliffs and breaking his legs.

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