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"You Can't" is a game where it is ALL minigames, everything is basically minigames, however there is a story behind it most likely.

Bad Ending

You will get this ending if you do absolutely nothing special in the minigames, just beat them normally, the end screen will be a screen where Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy's head will be hanging from a rope coming from the darkness, and their eyes will be glowing, with a microphone, bib, guitar, and hook on the floor, each one of them under their respective owners.

True Ending

Work in progress.

Stage 1: F-I-N-D I-T

This is where you start off in the game, in a purple room, with black and white blocks randomly placed in the background, like static, and you play as purple guy, there is a child in the corner, and apparently to go to the next stage, you just have to touch him, however, if you stay in the other corner of the room for 20 seconds, the room will turn red, and the kid will apparently already be dead, and you will get one step further into the True Ending.

Work in progress.

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