"You must let us in that room."
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Hi! Add anyone.


Your Night at Freddy's 0.1: Started the FUN!

0.2 added Frisco, Frisky, and more! And FROODBER

YNAF Characters

Scratch Cat: An orange cat who starts in the Party Room. He comes out on Night 1 and u need the Scratch Cat suit.

Frisco: From Five Nights at Frisky's:The Unknown Past, he comes on Night 3, and is defended with the red light. He is a striped cat, with a red hat and bow tie.

Jessi: From the same location as Frisco, Jessi too appears on Night 3. He's a gray mouse with black pants and a yellow t-shirt.

Fush: From Five Nights at Frisky's:Frisky's Fry, he protects the player by shielding an entrance, and appears on Night 2. He is a lifeguard fish, with two black eyes.

New Frisky: From Five Nights at Frisky's 5:The New Frisky Frycat's 2016, he appears on Night 1, and is stopped with the regular flashlight. He is too a striped cat, and has a blue hat and bow tie.

Flabby: A potato k

Nightmare FredBear:From FNAF 4, he appears on Night 5. To stop him, listen for his laugh, and wherever it came from, seal or shut wherever he's coming from.

YNAF Places

Party Room 1:A room lol.

Party Room 2:Scratch Cat starts here; however, he'll be slow to start off. The floor pie from Thursday hasn't been cleaned up yet.

Frisky's Stage: Where Frisco, Jessi, New Frisky, and Fush start.

Horror Maze: Where Nightmare FredBear starts.


Dining Room 1: For Frisky and Friends!

Farm Field:For growing artificial foods! Made of plastic! Flabby starts here.

YNAF Nights

Night 1:

  • Scratch Cat
  • Frisky

Night 2:

  • Fush

Night 3:

  • Frisco
  • Jessi

Night 4:

Night 5:

  • Nightmare FredBear

YNAF Tools

Scratch Cat suit: Exactly what you think it is.

Red Light:Some-what a flash-lazer.


Door:Doors mean you can't come in. Most people don't know that. Heh

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