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"The systems are in need of rebooting."
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Some attributes
First Snake/Animatronic
Second Male Suit
Third Derpy
Other attributes
Fourth Cake Baker
Fifth Crazy
Sixth Loves Candy

Character Bio

Zak is a fictional character first appearing in Five Niights at Freddy's 4: The Game of Death. He is a thin snake with leopard-like spots all over his body. He has a "Party Hat" covering his head. He also has two arms with sharp claws, unlike real snakes.

Social Life

Zak is great friends with Peppy the Pizza. He and Peppy hang out, playing pranks on the other animatronics. Zak hides a secret from Peppy that he eats pizza, for the fear of losing his friend. He is very popular among children. He seems to have a connection with the animatronic Amine.

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